Amphisbaena's Wedge

Amphisbaena(アンフィスバエナ Anfisubaena), the two headed snake that breathes fire, is the Guardian of the Guidance Gate.
  • Guardian Number: 01
  • Location: Guidance Gate E-5
  • Background Music: "King Konda"

Fighting AmphisbaenaEdit


  • Both heads take it in turns to breath fire, in straight lines, that go across most of the room. 


  • Both of the heads.


  • Stand close to either head and fire Shurikens rapidly, keep doing this and he will die, you do not need to worry about dodging, he will die before you do.
  • Stand on the platform furthest away from the head that is level with you and fire Shurikens and when the fire reaches you head down the ladder to avoid being hit.