La-Mulana Wiki

Throughout the game you will collect many items that do not fit into the category of Sub-Weapons or Equipment, these items are collectibles.


Coins are used to purchase items in shops and are collected from Pots and Enemies. Enemies will only drop single coins, while pots usually drop 10 at a time with occasional pots that yield more, usually 100.  Since most pots refill when the game is loaded (although not the 100-coin ones), pots are by far the best method of collecting cash quickly.


Weights are needed to solve many puzzles in La-Mulana, weights are dropped by PotsEnemies and can also be bought in shops. Weights are placed on daises/pedastols and you use them by pressing the down arrow key.  The quickest method of getting weights (other than buying them) is from the pots in Endless Corridor D-4 which contain a total of 16, all of which can be obtained again whenever the game is reloaded.


Experience is not visible, unlike the other collectibles. You receive experience by killing monsters in the ruins. As you collect experience your EXP bar fills up, once full you will regain full health.  This is the only use for experience.

Life Jewels

Life Jewels are the rarest out of all the collectibles, there are few of them and unlike the others are found in set locations, one-per-zone. Everytime you collect a Life Jewel your health increases by 32 points. They are very valuable items and extremely important.


Guidance Gate D-1
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