La-Mulana Wiki

There are 4 Key Seals in the lands of La-Mulana. They are used to open passageways, reveal hidden areas, or complete puzzles by breaking Wall Seals with the same symbol.

It is necessary to obtain all 4 to finish the game.

[1] Conception Seal

Location: Spring of the Sky E-2
Defeat the Jackrabbit at E-3.

[2] Birth Seal

Location: Surface L-2
Jump from L-1 onto the floating platform at L-2. From there leap over to the right side of the screen and use the Conception Seal.

[3] Life Seal

Location: Chamber of Extinction F-4
Break the left wall of the green pool at H-5 and move left through the hidden passages to reach F-5. Push the block on to the designated area to open the chest.

[4][[Death Seal]

Location: Shrine of the Mother A-3
Use Bombs to break the column that hangs over the chest and reveal a pedestal. You must visit the four sages with the Ocarina to make the ladder appear in the Endless Corridor.
If the shrine has already been transformed you can still obtain this by double jumping though the tentacle up to the seal.