La-Mulana Wiki

The La-Mulana Sound Collection is a rip of the chiptune versions of the music from the La-Mulana Jukebox, as opposed to the La-Mulana Arranged Soundtrack, which are rearranged versions of the uncompressed MIDI files done by GR3 Project. The Sound Collection can be downloaded here, although it's missing the fairy's theme song, "Legendary Small Beauty", and a few of the incidental tracks from Mukimuki SD: Memorial, noted at the bottom.

Disc I : The Ruins[]

  1. Earth Wind
  3. Mr. Explorer / Surface 
  4. Fearless Challenger / Guidance Gate 
  5. Wonder of the Wonder / Confusion Gate 
  6. Grand History / Mausoleum of the Giants 
  7. Giant's Cry / Graveyard of the Giants 
  8. Sacred Tomb / Temple of the Sun 
  9. Moon Light Dance / Temple of Moonlight 
  10. Curse of IRON PIPE / Spring of the Sky 
  11. Sky Tower / Tower of the Goddess 
  12. Inferno / Inferno Cavern 
  13. GIGA-MAGMA / Tower of Ruin 
  14. M.U. / Chamber of Extinction 
  15. Song of Curry / Chamber of Birth 
  16. Grand Ritual / Twin Labyrinths 
  17. Primitive Dance / Endless Corridor 
  18. Death Game / Dimensional Corridor 
  19. Mother Will Be Awakened / Shrine of the Mother 
  20. Awaking / True Shrine of the Mother 
  21. Escape!!!
  22. Run toward the sun
  24. Midnight Jungle
  25. Treasure Sealed Off / Hell Temple 

Disc II: Guardians & More[]

  1. Requiem
  2. King Konda / Amphisbaena
  3. Giant's Rage / Sakit
  4. High-Speed Beast / Ellmac
  5. Dangerous Raid / Bahamut
  6. In the Bottom / Viy
  7. Ancient Machine / Palenque
  8. Sabbat / Baphomet
  9. Interstice of the Dimension / Tiamat
  10. Last Battle? / Mother I
  11. Good Night Mom / Mother II
  12. Fanfare
  13. Xelpud
  15. G-I-L-D
  16. Dodge 
  17. Wise Men
  18. Fairy

Disc III: Zeus[]

  1. Curse of IRON PIPE (Ver.A) 
  2. Aqua Wish 
  3. Wonder of the Wonder -Prot Type- 
  4. Spirit of Giants 
  5. Crazy Moon 
  6. Road of Destiny 
  8. Mother 
  9. Easter 
  10. Sabbat -Prot Type- 
  11. Take me to the sky, my children 
  12. Good Morning Mom 
  13. Blood and Beast 
  14. Ancient Voice 
  15. Song of Curry -Prot Type- 
  16. Fearless Challenger -Prot Type-

Missing Tracks[]


"行進曲「威風堂々」〜空中戦のテーマ〜" (Kōshinkyoku "Ifūdōdō" ~Kūchūsen No Tēma~ [March "Pomp And Circumstance" ~Air Battle Theme~])
"アイネ・クライネ・ナハトムジーク〜五七三星のテーマ〜" (Ainu-Kurainu-Nahatomujiiku ~Go Shichi San Hoshi No Tēma~ [Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ~Five Seven Three Star Theme~])
"舞踏組曲「ガイーヌ」より「剣の舞」〜瞑想のパオラ〜" (Butō Kumikyoku "Gaīnu" Yori "Tsurugi No Mai" ~Meisō No Paora~ [Dancing Musical "Sabre Dance" From "Gayane" ~Meditating Paola~]) 

Mukimuki SD: Memorial[]

"この胸のむきむき" - (Kono Mune No Muki-Muki [This Heart Is Suitable]) 
"歯が痛い告白" - (Ha Ga Itai Kokuhaku [Confession Of A Painful Tooth])
"伝説の樹の下でタイマン" - (Densetsu No Ki No Shita De Taiman [One-on-one Battle beneath the Legendary Tree])