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Welcome to the La-Mulana Wiki!

For the PC and WiiWare Remakes, see La-Mulana Remake Wiki.

A word of warning: This wiki is littered with spoilers. Leave now, those faint of heart!
(For a spoiler-free introduction to some of the harsher or unobvious aspects of the game, see Getting Started.)

This wiki is dedicated to the freeware PC game La-Mulana, a tribute to the MSX computer system developed by the GR3 Project.

Remember, nothing is too insignificant! If it relates to La-Mulana at all, add it!

Map locations use the notation found in the La-Mulana Database. (eg. Guidance Gate A-3)

Finally I got to La-Mulana. The adventure starts here!
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WARNING! The following contains spoilers that may affect your experience when playing this game.

Game Areas (fields)
Guidance Gate
Confusion Gate
Mausoleum of the Giants
Graveyard of the Giants
Temple of the Sun
Temple of Moonlight
Spring of the Sky
Tower of the Goddess
Inferno Cavern
Tower of Ruin
Chamber of Extinction
Chamber of Birth
Twin Labyrinths Endless Corridor
Dimensional Corridor
Shrine of the Mother
True Shrine of the Mother
Maze of Galious Hell Temple Legendary Tree

Misc Puzzles
Mantras Block Puzzles Numbers
Medicine Controlling the Heavens Room of Gems and Scales
Dance of Life Lost Forever Two Murals