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The Maze of Galious area is a hidden location that can be found in the Chamber of Extinction. It contains the ROM of the same name. The area actually consists of two areas: a three-room "castle" area serving as the entrance, followed by the maze itself

  • Background music: "Maze of Galious ~CASTLE Theme~" (entrance area), "Maze of Galious ~WORLD Theme~" (maze area), "Maze of Galious ~God Theme~" (B-8 (maze)) "Maze of Galious ~Enormous Satan~" (A-7 (maze))
  • Entrances and Exits:
    • C-1 (entrance): Chamber of Extinction (G-5), exit only
    • C-1 (entrance): Chamber of Extinction (G-2), entrance only

Map Edit

Treasure Edit

Equipment Edit

Several items can be found in the maze, but they do not show up on the Equipment menu and do nothing. They are: Cape (A-8), Map (B-1), Vial (B-3), and Wand (C-6). The map does NOT provide an in-game map like normal Maps.

ROMs Edit

Maze of Galious Location: B-8 (maze) Type YOMAR. Watch the scene.

Puzzles and Traps Edit

A-1 (entrance)

  • This door leads to C-1 (maze).

B-1 (entrance)

  • Destroy the pot to reveal a key. Collect it to open the door in A-1.

C-8 (maze)

  • Kill all the enemies to open a path to B-8.
  • The tablet on the bottom provides the mantra for summoning the Bony Dragon.

Notes Edit

Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious is a game made by Konami for the NES and MSX that inspired La-Mulana. This area is a tribute to it.