La-Mulana Wiki

Numbers in La-Mulana are represented by a special set of numerals. The La-Mulana number system is a base-10 system that is the same as our familiar "Arabic" numerals, except that merely the symbols are different.

The numbers are used to represent various things:

  • The four seals in the game are simply square blocks with a numeral from 1-4 on them:
    • 1 = Conception Seal
    • 2 = Birth Seal
    • 3 = Life Seal
    • 4 = Death Seal
  • Each field has a number 0-9. Most gates have a background plaque nearby labeled with the destination field's number. This corresponds to the Grail teleport number.
    • For gates leading to rear-side fields, the numbers on the plaques are flipped horizontally. This includes eastern Twin Labyrinths and the Endless Corridor.
    • The Surface, though not labeled, is known to be field zero, since using zero with the Grail teleports Lemeza to the Surface.
  • A Weighting Machine in the Mausoleum of the Giants shows the number 062, which is Lemeza´s weight.
  • Some portals in the background are labeled with numbers. In order to open these, you must defeat the Guardian from the area of that number.
  • Numbers are used in a puzzle in one of the lower levels of the Endless Corridor.
  • In Hell Temple each room is numbered with these numbers.

The numbers are also part of the 1-to-1 character decoding scheme for the writing on the tablets.

Pictures of the numbers[]

Mulana numbers.gif