Sakit's Wedge

(サキト Sakito), the giant that takes the form of a stone statue, is the Guardian of the Mausoleum of the Giants. Sakit did not want the Mother to return to the sky, this is why he is a Guardian.

Fighting SakitEdit


  • Sakit fires bullets, at the player, from his claw hand.
  • Sakit launches his hand at the ground causing rocks to fall from the sky, if hit by the fist it does a lot of damage. You can run up the chain of the arm and attack his face.
  • When Sakit walks rocks fall from the roof, they split into smaller rocks after their first impact with the ground.


  • Sakit's face is his weak-point, it can only be damaged by primary weapons.


  • Stand on the lower-platform when Sakit walks so that you don't get hit by the falling rocks. When he starts to fire  bullets from his hand go up to the top-platform and jump just after he fires each shot, repeat this until he fires his fist. When he fires his fist run up the arm, you can now attack his face. Jump and use the Knife you can get three hits on per jump, one going up, two on the way down. You can get two jumps in before he pulls his arm back, when you see his hand un-grip the floor jump from the arm back to the ladder, repeat the process until dead.