This is the Shrine of the Mother. The place where the Mother rests.
--Grail tablet for the Shrine of the Mother

The Shrine of the Mother (聖母の祠, Seibo-no Hokora) is a field within the ruins.

This area will change AUTOMATICALLY once all eight Guardians are defeated; it will become the True Shrine of the Mother. Make sure you have the Life Jewel before transforming the Shrine! If you do not collect it before transforming the Shrine, it is lost forever.

Accessing the Shrine of the Mother is impossible without purchasing the Dragon Bone from backside Twin Labyrinths.

Hidden Things, Puzzles & TrapsEdit

Hidden Thing: Konami Baseball ROM
Location: Shrine of the Mother D-1
Examine within the area at the bottom-left corner of the screen where the spikes are shorter.

Hidden Thing: Break Shot ROM
Location: Shrine of the Mother E-4
Examine behind the statue at the top of the screen.

Puzzle: Get the Map
Location: Shrine of the Mother F-3
Stand near the two statues until they begin to attack you; place a Weight upon the pedestal that appears. You can only access this room from the Twin Labyrinths.

Puzzle: Get the Life Jewel
Location: Shrine of the Mother C-2
Use the Conception Seal, Birth Seal, Life Seal, and Death Seal.

Puzzle: Get the Crystal Skull
Location: Shrine of the Mother B-2
Use the Life Seal to open the chest. You will require the Mulana Talisman to actually collect the Skull. Trying to collect it without the talisman will result in being knocked around by it.

Puzzle: Get the Diary
Location: Shrine of the Mother E-2
After showing the Mulana Talisman to Elder Xelpud, travel to E-2 and stop time using the Lamp of Time to prevent the pillar from falling to block the path. Collect the Diary before time begins moving again.

Puzzle: Get the Death Seal
Location: Shrine of the Mother A-3
Use Bombs to break the column that hangs over the chest and reveal a pedestal. You must visit Alesdarna in the Temple of Moonlight with the Ocarina to make the ladder appear in the Endless Corridor.