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Sub-Boss, also referred to as a Room Guardian, is an enemy you encounter along your way. They are usually fought within a closed room (the entrance/exits won't open until you beat them). The usually aren't as powerful as guardians and unlike a guardian battle, you don't need an Ankh Jewel to unlock them.

List of Room Guardians[]

Dimensional Corridor Sub-Bosses[]

There are 11 sub-bosses in the Dimensional Corridor, the children of Tiamat.

  • Girtablilu: found at C-5 
  • Raham: found at E-7 
  • Urudimmu: found at C-4 
  • Storm: found at E-3 
  • Bashumu: found at E-5 
  • Creel: found at B-7 
  • Ox: found at B-5 
  • Mushumahhar: found at C-3 
  • Dragon: found at D-2 
  • Mushussu ("Shirrush"): found at A-4 
  • Ugallu: found at D-4