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WARNING! The following contains spoilers that may affect your experience when playing this game.

Elder XelpudEdit

Saving the GameEdit

So, do you want to save the game?
Changed your mind, eh?
Where should I save?
Eh? I can't save.
I've saved your game.
Your old save will be deleted, is that OK?
Pick a save file.
Your file is busted. Too bad!
That's not a file.

MSX Talk Edit

Mopi Ranger is coming to save me.
With my spare money, all I could buy was Salamander. I always got the bad ending.
Princess Penko always died.
I smashed Pamperse along with the rock!
I can't believe that Simon is a model pervert.
I wonder if anyone bought Q-Bert because they actually wanted to play it...
I didn't like the name “Female Coed Student", so I changed it to the name of a girl I had a thing for. I completely forgot that and lent all my passwords to a friend. This must have been what the curse of Gog was.
It's long! The MSX laser is long! So the MSX WINS!!! ......Wha? It was a dream?
They had big dreams and sold over four million MSX units. So why doesn't my site have more than four million hits? Don't you think it's strange?
Foolish Famicom User! How dare you mock me! You can't even shoot Thexder's laser. Your Vic Core is small too. And what the heck is that "Family Basic"? It's just ridiculous!
Ashguine's curse is awful. After all, it's an iron pipe sticking out from the crotch. Those trilobites are surprising too.
I wonder what happened to Venom? I haven't seen him since I heard him laughing while in a time slip. I certainly hope he's doing well.
Is.ABYS original game out yet? Are they recruiting for DANTE 2yet? I've been making a huge RPG for the past 10 years.
I get really angry when Diviner Sensation gets my personality right. Thanks to it I've gotten my zeal for life back. I'm full of energy now too.
You know...I wish they’d find some new unreleased game. I'd like to play it.
Won't GR3 come out in ROM format? I wish they'd stop being so stingy about it.
Whenever I did a moon landing on the third level, my fuel was always at zero.
Konami's Baseball is really the best. Pennant Race? What's that?
What happened to the penguin cameos? Damn you, Nintendo!
You have to use some elbow grease to yank out those MSX carts. Ah, how manly!
Though I suppose it's to be expected... Official emulators are no good.
M-my belt is stretching!
One issue per year? Well, that's a good pace for an old man.
Whoever it was that first decided to say their personal opinion step forward!
P-peach is arising! From a Momonoki tree! Amazing peach-colored socks! ...Oh, it was only a dream.
Where does the MSX train go?
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B A. What's that?
Booom. Lalaaa, Lalaa, bada bada bada doom. Bombombombombombo, bom bom bom, dadumdum.
I wonder when my fish-man friend is going to release his new creation? Take an iron pipe to the crotch!

Game HintsEdit

How to save teleport locations for the Grail? You've seen those tablets with a strange shape, right? Just read those.
The Grapple Claw, eh? Press up against a wall while jumping to grab onto it. If you then press away from the wall and time it right, you can kickoff of it.
So you've found the Feather? Think "I want to go higher!" while jumping and try to jump again.
There's an MSX game called Network Rally. It's supposed to be like Hyper Rally mixed with Road Fighter. I was able to play it over the network with a computer called LINKS. If you have those games, maybe you could use them to contact other computers.
Before going out on your adventure, you should first make preparations in town.
You should first get a feel for the ruins in the Guidance Gate.
The giants left their records. You can find hints within them.
You should have seen a mine cart. Push it all the way to the bottom.
Get the water flowing and many mechanisms will start working again.
If you can't find something important where it should be, check the back.
In the darkness there should be a small window you can light. Use fire there and the darkness should clear. Do you have any items that can produce fire?
Can't that MSX connect to the net? You can find lots of things on the net. If you don't use your brain, you'll never get out of the Endless Corridor.
The twin ruins are two and yet one. They look a lot alike but are really different. You'll have to figure out the difference.
Don't get frustrated. Go slowly and you will not get lost. Think of what it is you want to do.
The ice is slippery. There's nothing you can do about that!
The Sun and Moon Pyramids are connected together. Inside both is the same riddle.
That tower moves by the power of water. Is it converted to hydrogen maybe? That's what the spring's for.
The traps and tricks in the ruins are said to have been set by the Four Sages. They wait for you to come.
Red light is hidden somewhere in the holes that life is born from.
Tiamat has distorted the front and rear of her part of the ruins. Yes, endlessness is the back.

Story QuotesEdit

Welcome, youngster. Those like you who challenged the ruins of La-Mulana were never heard from again. You'll just be another one of them. Not that I mind. I've opened the entrance to the ruins. Do as you will.
The wind is restless......
That talisman...... it belonged to your father. Your father went into the ruins and never came back, though I hear he got pretty deep into them. You should look for his diary. He should have had it with him. Maybe he wrote what he found in it. What? You saw someone that looked like your father in the ruins? Don't be ridiculous. Do you have any idea how many days it's been since he went in there?
So you found your father's diary...... Very well. I shall tell you everything. I am a descendant of the clan who saw the travelers off into the world-the seventh of the Mother's children. We saw off those born within the ruins......or more accurately, the Mother. It's true......all humans and civilizations were born from here. Take this Talisman of La-Mulana. I hear you can get the cursed treasure if you carry it. Now, go and meet the Four Sages, in place of your father.
In obesiance to the Four Sages, we guarded the ruins. The four Sages realized that they could not grant the Mother's wish to return to the skies. Therefore, they wish at the very least to grant her the peace of death. That was the final conclusion that the Seventh Children reached. It is a sad thing that wish must be passed on to you, the eighth children. All children must eventually leave the parent's nest, I suppose. Your father was after the treasure of Life, the remains of the Mother's spirit once she dies. I hope you can get it in his place.



MSX ShopEdit

This is the MSX shop! Please buy something!
That's Game Master.
That's a Glyph Reader.
That's a Ruins RAM 8K.
Sorry, we're sold out!
Bitch! You ain't got the cred! Up yours!
Thank you very much!
You change your mind!? Asshole! Bite me!

Supply ShopEdit

My wares are cheap! Please buy something.
That's a Hand Scanner.
That's ammunition.
That's a Buckler.
Sorry, that's sold out.
Oh dear, you don't have enough for that.
Thank you!
Oh, changed your mind?

Supply Shop 2Edit

If you're going on an adventure, stock up!
That's an MSX 2.
A waterproof case!
That's a Shuriken.
Sorry man, I'm out of that.
Hey! You ain't got the cash, man!
Thanks, bud!
What, you change your mind?

Guidance GateEdit

Buy something...
Those are Shuriken...
That's a Detector...
Those are Weights...
I don't sell that any more...
You don't have enough...
Buy more...
Ah, buy more...

Confusion GateEdit

This is the Speed Racestore!
F1 Spirit. Great game!
F1 Spirit 3D Special.
Those are Weights.
I don't deal in that any more.
You know you don't have enough, right?
Thank you, come again.
Just hurry up and buy it!

Mausoleum of the GiantsEdit

If you don't buy, I can't pass on...
Throwing Knives...
Seal of El Giza...
I don't sell that any more...
You don't have enough...
Buy some more...
Ah, buy some more...

Graveyard of the GiantsEdit

These are all the real deal. Stock up!
Those are real Spears.
That's a real Shield.

(Note: This shield is a fake. Don't waste your coins on it.)

Real Weights, those.
Too bad, I'm sold out.
Hey, you don't have the money.
You got a good deal!
Don't want it?

Temple of the SunEdit

Store at D2Edit

Come, buy something.
Throwing Knives.
Sold out.
Not enough money. Fool.
If you don't want it, don't buy it.

Store at B5Edit

Ooh, you found me!
Ammunition, on sale.
Flares for very cheap!
Double the Shuriken!
That's sold out.
I won't sell to anyone that can't pay.
Buy more. Come on!
Hmph! Stingy bastard.

Store at E5Edit

Ah! My first customer in 5000 years!
A Heatproof Case!
Diviner Sensation!
Weights! Quite useful!
Sorry, I'm sold out.
Hey now, you don't have the money.
Thanks a lot!
Don't get my hopes up! Now I'm sad!

Temple of MoonlightEdit

You have awakened me from my rest-now buy!
A Bracelet. Handy!
Shuriken. The basics.
Ammunition. Powerful!
Sorry, that's out of stock.
You're broke! How dare you!
OK. Now buy more.
What, you don't want it? Buy it!

Spring in the SkyEdit

I thought I smelt a customer!
Weights, fish.
Shuriken, fish.
Throwing Knives, fish.
Sorry, I'm sole out of that, fish.
Eel only sell that if you have the money.
Thanks, cod again.
You don't want to buy it then? Carp.

(After you unlock the other shop with a Key Fairy)

I've reformed, fish.
You need a Shell Horn?
Still need a Detector?
That's Castlevania.
That's sold out, fish.
I may be reformed but I still take money!
I thank you from the bottom of my scales.
I guess you don't want to buy from a fish?

Inferno CavernEdit

Buy till you boil!
That's Mahjong Wizard.
Buy these spears.
These Throwing Knives?
Sorry. I'm sold out of that.
Looks like you don't have the money.
You should buy more.
Change your mind?

Tower of RuinEdit


Chamber of ExtinctionEdit


Chamber of BirthEdit

Welcome to the Store of Life, glub.
Glub, that's ammo.
An Ankh Jewel, glub.
Glub, weights there.
No more, glub glub.
Come back later when you have money, glub.
Thanks, glub.
Don't want it, glub?

Twin LabyrinthsEdit

Younger Brother’s StoreEdit

Welcome to the younger brother's store.
You'll need a helmet!
Bomb walls with this!
Search with a Scanner!
That's sold out.
You don't have enough.
My thanks.
Just browsing, eh?

Older Brother’s StoreEdit

Welcome to the older brother's store.
That's a Dragon Bone.
Those are Spears.
Those are Flares.
I don't deal in that any more.
Come back when you have more money.
Thanks very much.
Decide against it?

Store at D-4Edit

I'll sell you my best stuff.
That lamp stops time!
Those are Shuriken.
Need Throwing Knives?
Sorry, but I'm out of that.
I won't sell to you if you can't pay.
Change your mind?

Store at G-4Edit

I'll sell you some incredible stuff!
Scripture doubles...XP!
Those are bombs.
Those are Spears.
Sorry, I'm sold out of that.
You don't have enough for that.
Good choice!
You don't want it?

Endless CorridorEdit

Welcome to the endless store!
Bombs. Very powerful!
Want Throwing Knives?
Those? Weights.
That? Sorry, sold out!
You don't have the money there!
Too bad!

Tablets & Signs(Regular)Edit


C-3 Sign - DANGER!! No entry beyond this point!
J-1 Sign - Rapids ahead! If you're not confident in keeping your balance, do not enter!

Note: Read sign twice while having the Glyph Reader rom equiped to find Konami Pinball rom.

Guidance GateEdit

C-1 Lower tablet - This is where the Mother sleeps. A path of trials, where only heroes that do not fear death may enter.
D-2 Grail tablet - This is the Guidance Gate. A place to guide those who would defile this tomb to their deaths.
E-2 - Offer three sacrifices to the heavens.

Clue to: getting the cross.

F-2 Upper left tablet - This is a holy place. Do not defile it carelessly. He who ignores this warning will be struck down by divine retribution.

Warning: not to hit Item Containers/ Goddess Statues.

F-2 Middle tablet near Item Cover - Courageous one, take power. If thou desires power, prove thy courage.

Clue to: how to get the Shuriken

A-3 Lower Right - Shu, the monster that drinks the lifeblood of pure maidens and has attained eternal power. Do not fall into the hole of sacrifices.

Clue to: the Confusion Gate sub-boss

B-3 - The eight Ankhs guard huge souls. Hold aloft the red glowing Ankh Jewels. Their Guardians will test thee.
File:Tablet 1 B3.png
D-3 - The sad tale of the giants. Their history is recorded therein.
B-4 Upper left tablet - If thou dost cross the ocean of the inferno, thou shouldst take the top path.

Clue to: the upper platforms above the lava in the Inferno caverns are not trapped.

C-4 Upper left broken tablet - Do not fe ainst the flow of th in resistan
File:Tablet 1 C4.png
(Matches to Guidance Gate B-6 Tablet)
E-4 Lower right tablet - Pour thy memories of this land into the grail. Chant this place's number to the grail and thou shalt return.
File:Tablet 1 E4.png
Clue to: how to use the grail
B-5 Upper right tablet - In the temple of the Sun, a new trap fills a hole and conceals a trigger.
D-5 Upper right broken tablet - Light Unsee of move.
A-6 Upper right broken tablet - The guild hides search key First water
B-6 Lower middle broken tablet - ar water. He who climbs ag e water will ga ce to it.
File:Tablet 1 B6.png
(Matches to Guidance Gate C-4 Tablet)

Confusion GateEdit

E-1 Lower Left Odd Tablet - Not telling the Mother, the sad bird cast a spell. The power to create life. The large bird cast a spell.
File:Tablet 1x E1 a.png

Clue to: To lower one of the barriers protecting the Flywheel you need to kill the bird in Confusion Gate D-1.

E-1 Lower Middle Odd Tablet - The wandering lizard discarded the light. Should the light return to it, the pillar of light will vanish.
File:Tablet 1x E1 b.png

Clue to: To lower one of the barriers protecting the Flywheel you need to go to Confusion Gate B-3 and lure the green lizard into the light that is coming from the diamond shaped window.

E-1 Lower Right Odd Tablet - The pillar of light is the joy of the dancing child. If his treasures vanish all at once, he shall become sad.
File:Tablet 1x E1 c.png

Clue to: To lower one of the barriers protecting the Flywheel you need to go to Confusion Gate F-2 with the Lamp of Time. While there hit each pot ONLY ONCE. After that stop time with the lamp and then run around the room hitting each pot one more time.

C-2 Lower whole tablet - Open the lock to the hallway which proceeds forever.

Clue to: that something in the Endless Corridor needs the Endless Key.

D-2 - The great treasure hidden in this land produces life. We were born here, and went on a journey for the Mother.
File:Tablet 1x D2.png

Clue to: That the flywheel is somewhere in the Confusion Gate area. and

E-2 - The mother ocean watches kindness and charity.

Clue to: when during the final boss battle that the Kindness and Charity clues come into use.

A-3 - You have done well in making it this far, wise one. Break through the final confusion.

Clue to: The puzzle with the blocks.

C-3 Grail tablet - This is the Confusion Gate. The path will open to the wise.
C-3 Middle Left Tablet - 11 children guard Tiamat's chamber. The Grail is powerless therein.

Clue to: Dimensional Corridor boss(have to kill the 11 sub-bosses to fight Tiamat) and warning that the grail won't work there.

D-3 Middle Right Tablet - Is the one reading this tablet wise or a fool? I pray it is one that has wisdom.
D-3 Middle Left Tablet - Become small! Only the tiny should proceed onward.

Clue to: clearing the way to Shu.

A-4 - The fairy opens the lock.

Clue to: Opening the chest.

C-4 All three Tablets - Ye who has life. There is still time. Turn back. The confusion continues.
D-4 - Woe to ye, he who does not listen, ignoring the advice of others! So overconfident in thy abilities, thou art a fool to come this far. Death to the fool!
F-4 - Ye fool, judging things only from what thou sees. Wander this labyrinth forever!
E-5 Lower Left whole tablet - A fool thought he was wise because he was a fool. Smallminded, he went right. A fool was wise but thought he was a fool and thus was. Self-depricating, he went left. There is only one true path. May ye be truly wise.
E-5 Middle Left whole tablet - He who just waits is a true fool. Ye have done well in understanding. Art thou wise or a fool? Only thy actions will tell. I pray that thou are truly wise.
F-5 - Fools will continue to be lost.
F-6 - Thou wilt not find thy way by just wandering. Courage to leap into the confusion will grant thy wish.
G-6 - Many daises are left of the first. Many daises are right of the next. These two are not next together. Thou wilt pass the first dais when going from the fourth to the fifth. The fourth is not at the edge but the last is.

Clue to: Puzzle in the upper part of the room. Pedistal solution is: 642315

Mausoleum of the GiantsEdit

D-1 Tablet in the Middle of the room - The mother was great. Great enough so that even the Giants seemed dwarfed by her. The Giants were great. Great enough so that thee, little one, seem dwarfed by them.
D-1 Upper Right - Do not read this tablet again. He who ignores this warning shall have the pain of death brought upon them.
D-1 Upper Right (second time) - Ye who ignored the warning. Taste the pain of death.

Reading this adds more monsters and monster generators in certain places.

B-2 Upper Left tablet - Where the ghosts two Knights. disappear then one will gain power.

Note: Tablet has blank spots. Need to find matching tablet. Clue to: getting the Throwing Knife.

E-3 Grail tablet - This is the Mausoleum of Giants. The sad memory of the race of Giants.
G-3 - Migera is left-handed.
F-4 - steals red never leav again.
File:Tablet 2 F4.png

Note: Tablet has blank spots. Need to find matching tablet. Clue to: the trap activating after taking the Ankh Crystal in the Mausoleum of the Giants.

E-5 - 1 Sword, 2 Bodies, 3 Wishes, 4 Disasters. 5 Stars, 6 Moons, 7 Lights, 8 Paths. 9 Cups, and 0 which is Life.

Clue to: Where the numbers used with the grail send you.

E-6 - Here, all that is in the heavens can be controlled. He who controls the heavens can control time as well.

Saga of the GiantsEdit

B-5 - We are the second race born of the Great Mother. We were born to return her to the skies. This is the sad story of our race. Nine brothers led our race: Zeb, Bud, Migera, Led, Fut, Abt, Zi, Riv, and Sakit.
H-4 - The eldest, Zeb, could not move, as he had to hold up the Earth.
E-5 - Bud, Migera, Led, and Fut built a flying tower to return the Mother to the sky.
File:Tablet 2 E5.png
D-3 Upper tablet near stairs - Abt, Zi, Riv, and Sakit wanted the Mother to remain here on Earth.
E-4 - In order to hold up the Earth, Zeb stopped moving, and the remaining brothers split into two factions and fought amongst themselves.
F-3 - Bud went into a long, final rest on a night when the sky was full of stars.

Clue to: A solution in the sun/ moon/ stars riddle room

C-2 Lower left tablet - To launch the tower, water was indispensible. Migera carried a lake to this land and expired in the effort.
File:Tablet 2 C2.png
D-2 Middle whole tablet - On a day when the sun was bright, Led fell in battle. A large hole torn in his chest, he went into his long, final rest.

Clue to: A solution in the sun/ moon/ stars riddle room

E-3 Right side - Zi started praying to the Earth on a moonlit night.
File:Tablet Unknown 6.png

Clue to: A solution in the sun/ moon/ stars riddle room

A-2 - Grieving for his elder brothers, Riv dug a tunnel from the lake to the tower to bring water to it. He collapsed in the effort and went into a long rest.
D-5 - The youngest, Sakit, followed his own path. He locked Led's body, left power in his hand, and went into a long rest.
C-1 – Upper middle tablet - We could not grant the Great Mother's wish. I am the only one to remain, and here I go to my long, final rest. Abt

Graveyard of the GiantsEdit

B-1 - The rogue that releases many lights. He who does not hold the silver shine is doomed.

Clue to: the silver sheild can block the wizard's shots.

C-1 - MU is the name of the nameless one, the one who climbs to the sky.
A-2 - The genuine article cannot be attained with money.
B-2 - The man and woman meet. The seed of life is born inside the man.
File:Tablet 2x B2.png

Clue to: how to impregnate the Woman Statue.

C-2 - The confusion is endless. The Endless Key lies within the confusion. On top of the same word.
D-2 Grail tablet - This is the Graveyard of the Giants. The cemetary of the sorrow-filled Giants.
C-3 - Only thy own strength can get thee through this frozen land.
E-4 - Take thy new weapon in hand. Shatter the wall that blocks thy path ahead.
F-4 - Just walk down the path. A new power awaits thee at its end.
G-4 - There is a cursed treasure. The curse befalls those who touch it. Break the curse with the red stone.
File:Tablet 2x G4.png

Clue to: how to get the Crystal Skull.

B-5 - Art thou the chosen one or not? Proceed ahead. We wait for thee beyond.
E-5 - Where life is born, there is a shop that sells a Jewel.
D-6 - My eyes are not blind.

Clue to: Solve this rooms riddle.

Temple of the SunEdit

C-1 Grail tablet - This is the Temple of the Sun. The valiant, male temple.
C-1 - Leap into the sun.

Clue to: Secret entrance to the Temple of the Moonlight.

A-2 - Challenge the cavern of the inferno. It will be a long road. He who follows it should be prepared to die.
B-2 - Turn on the lights. The truth will be illuminated.
File:Tablet 3 B2.png

Clue to: Puzzle which allows you to exit to the west.

D-2 - The rock where the sacred fish dwells. Polished by a pure maiden, it becomes the Scalesphere. It shall protect thee from drowning.

Note: This may be an accidental leftover from the beta of the game, where the scalesphere may have been obtained in a different manner. Clue to: secret shop in Spring in the Sky, triggerable by key fairy. Note2: Reading this tablet MIGHT force the first fairy summoned in the Spring in the Sky to be a key fairy.

D-3 - There is a secret inside the pyramid. Fear not, and continue onward.

Clue to: Secret inside the central room of the pyramid.

E-3 - The path that connects the two pyramids.
File:Tablet 3 E3.png

Clue to: Secret entrance to the Temple of the Moonlight.

F-3 - I was told to choose three women, who are waiting at the arranged location. I could not. I protect them still. Ye who reads this, please shoot through her for me. She who never stops smiling.

Clue to: Elevator inside the Temple of the Moonlight.

D-4 - Solve the riddle or thou wilt never leave here.

Clue to: If you do not push the button, there is no way out of the pyramid.

E-4 - The woman becomes pregnant inside the man.
File:Tablet 3 E4.png

Clue to: The use of the woman statue much later in the game.

F-4 - Fill th water ris he riddle Pyram

Note: Tablet has blank spots. Need to find matching tablet. Clue to: Uncork the drain in the Spring in the Sky to fill the area east of the pyramid with water, so the boots can be retrieved.

G-4 - Beyond here there is no light.
B-5 - Summon the power of the twins. The twins are two and yet one. The twins are very much alike.
C-5 - If there is a man, there is also a woman. You must not use weapons inside the woman. If you wish to solve the riddle of the temple, proceed into the next room.

Clue to: You cannot use weapons inside the pyramid inside in the Temple of the Moonlight.

D-5 - Ye who hast solved all the riddles, proceed below.
E-5 - Meditate under Udjat. Do nothing-just pray...

Clue to: Getting the Ankh crystal in this area.

E-6 - Find the Mirror. The Mirror reflects the truth of the ruins. All has a front and back, two are one.
File:Tablet 3 E6.png

Temple of MoonlightEdit

B-1 - Four treasures and one treasure. Open them starting from the front.

Clue to: How to get the map for the Temple of the Moon

A-2 - The cape of ice protects against the harshest heat.

Clue to: That the Ice cape will prevent health loss in lava.

B-2 Grail tablet - This is the Temple of Moonlight. The lovely, female temple.
C-2 - Souls have weights: Joy-20, Eloquence-44, Honesty-50, Prosperity-63, Purity-70, Passion-81, and Love-100.
File:Tablet 3x C2.png

Clue to: how to get the Mace.

B-3 - If thou wantest power, risk thy life.

Clue to: how to get the Axe.

C-3 - The sound of the flute is given to the pregnant woman.

Clue to: how to get the Ocarina.

D-4 - Changing water to power, the Tower flies up into the sky.
F-4 - The Guardians protect something else. In those places lie wedges, eight wedges which can give form to a soul.
B-5 Lower left Breakable wall - The light from the god of death grants death to all living things. Only he who holds the Book of the Dead is spared.

Clue to: Carrying the Book of the Dead protects you from Anubis.

D-5 Right Tablet - Trim the Pyramid.
E-5 - Beyond here lies the chamber of Anubis, the god of death.

Spring in the SkyEdit

E-3 - Seek the seals. Thy way will be opened even more.
File:Tablet 4 E3.png
C-5 - Rest thy weary body. The fairies will kindly divine thy life.
File:Tablet 4 C5.png
A-6 - Open the floodgate. The water will flow again. The blue flying one holds the key.
File:Tablet 4 A6.png
C-6 - The water that operates the tower. It flows here and is converted to energy.
B-7 Grail tablet - This is the Spring of the Sky, built by the giants.
B-7 - Cast off the boat. Bahamut's sleeping place lies there. The red shine is held by the master of fish.
File:Tablet 4 B7.png

Clue to: how to get the Ankh Jewel in the Spring in the Sky.

C-8 Lower Tablet - Walk down the infinite corridor. Beyond it lies everything.
C-8 Upper Tablet - Fishfishfish!

Clue to: Defeat Gyonin/the Master of Fish/ the Fish in the water on the right side of the screen to get the Ankh Jewel.

C-9 - The Sky Spring lies above the sun.

Tower of the GoddessEdit

D-1 - To the left is the secret of life, to the right is the power of destruction.

Clue to: To your left is the Flywheel, to your right are Bombs.

E-1 - Ye who leaves this land, take this to heart. We can not grant the Mother's wish. Which child of the Mother art thou? We, her second children, wish that you can grant her desire.
A-2 - Challenge the Chamber of Birth. Take the Golden Key. Proceed to where we were born.
A-3 - The right eye sees Charity.

Clue to: How to beat a form of the mother.

C-4 - Ye who desires power, prove thy wisdom. Show thy ability to balance the souls and the power will be thine.

Clue to: How to get the Mace.

A-5 - The mischievous Rusali. Yaksi, who beguiles men. Dakini, dancing enticingly. Only one of them has a pure heart.

Clue to: How to get the Medicine of Life.

B-5 Grail tablet - This is the Tower of the Goddess. A place to grant the wish of the Mother.
C-5 - When balance is attained the wise will gain great power. If thou art ready, go up to the Room of Gems and Scales.
File:Tablet 4x C5.png

Clue to: How to get the Mace.

D-5 - Strike the one who blocks the Golden Wings.
B-6 - The model of the flying iron lump is a symbol of the desire for the skies. Attain it and the goddesses will leave this land in sorrow.

Clue to: how to make several statues in the Tower of the Goddess disappear.

B-7 - The pain thou cannot see is thy hesitation. The Eye of Truth will illuminate it.
File:Tablet 4x B7.png

Clue to: How to make the invisible enemies appear.

C-7 - Migera and Fut created the lake. Riv was the one who guided the water to the tower. Seek what he points at.

Note: This tablet will disappear after you read it.
Clue to: Go to D-5 in the Mausoleum of the Giants break the right pot and attack the symbol until it disappears.

B-8 - This is a forbidden land that no one may enter. The place concealed beyond here hides a secret. Fly on golden wings.
C-8 - Ye who climbs the tower. Do not look back. A Bao A Qu attacks those who hesitate.
File:Tablet 4x C8.png

Legendary Tree areaEdit

B-1 - The legendary tree.

Note: This is accessed by bring a Key Fairy into Tower of the Goddess C-1, placing a weight on the pedestal it produces, and entering the gate.

Inferno CavernEdit

C-1 - Gozu and Mezu, the guardians of Hell, at the darkness' end. Beyond them, the final Pyramid where Nu Wa sleeps.

Note: This same message also appears at the Chamber of Extinction H-2 just with an image of Gozu and Mezu.

E-1 - When the serpents are angered, it opens.

Clue to: how to get the map in the Inferno Cavern.

D-2 - Extend thy hands up. Kick the wall and leap to another point.
File:Tablet 5 D2.png
C-3 - If thou rides the right, right, if thou rides the left, left. Make a mistake and the power will never be thine.

Clue to: how to get the chain whip and be able to leave the room afterwards.

C-3 behind upper right movable block - The fo ges bod to stone watc ov always.

Note: This tablet has missing parts. Need to find match.

D-4 - That which is not here is here. It is at another here.
File:Tablet 5 D4.png
E-4 - should have flown with hot water did not have power never is earth.

Note: This tablet has missing parts. Need to find match.

F-4 Grail tablet - This is the Inferno Cavern. A place that was once a source of power.
D-5 - Ye who hast reached this place. We have chosen you. Come to us. We will respond to the flute you play.
File:Tablet 5 D5.png

Clue to: the item needed to speak with the sages.

E-5 - Discover where the truth of this land lies.
G-5 - The imprisoned twins. The man that runs faster than anyone will free them.

Clue to: How to get the Twin Statue

Tower of RuinEdit

G-1 - Nu Wa sleeps. Ask the Sages of the path.
File:Tablet 5x G1.png
D-2 Grail tablet - This is the tower of ruin. It is the remains of an unfulfilled, ruined dream.
E-2 - Ascertain those who would lead thee astray. Ascertain those who are truly pure.
F-2 - Ye who dares to challenge Nu Wa. Ye who drives wedges into the Mother's sleep. I pray that thou art the chosen one.
File:Tablet 5x F2.png
G-2 - To ye who hast made it this far, undertake the final trial. The Mother's wish can no longer be granted.
A-3 - The people who created Nu Wa, those who imitate the power of the Great Mother. The power to create life. The power to create us. That wish goes unfulfilled.
C-3 - That which moves too fast to see. Even stopping time cannot stop its movement.

Clue to: make the invisible enemies in Nu Wa's lair appear.

D-3 - The red glowing crosses are guides that connect the front and the back.
File:Tablet 5x D3.png

Clue to: Determine the positions to chant the mantras.

C-4 - The flying iron bird. Distressed at its travel, the goddesses depart.

Clue to: how to make several statues in the Tower of the Goddess disappear.

D-4 - Defeat the invisible enemy. Ye shall attain the medicine of life.
File:Tablet 5x D4.png
E-4 - The large earthen doll. It carries the flying golden key.

Clue to: how to get the pochette key.

E-5 - The kind, mischievous fairy. The kind, lonely fairy. Her mischief is innocent. Innocent mischief will do thee no harm.
G-5 - Trace the name which is not.
D-6 - The left eye sees Kindness.

Clue to: How to beat a form of the mother.

Chamber of ExtinctionEdit

D-1 - There is a medicine that can give form to a great soul. Consult the correct spirit.
F-1 - In a fiery land, Nu Wa rests in the final Pyramid. The path there is sealed by the Sages.
A-2 Bottom Tablet - Create illumination here.
File:Tablet 6 A2.png
A-2 Top Tablet - There is naught to disperse the darkness here.
H-2 - Gozu and Mezu, the guardians of Hell, at the darkness' end. Beyond them, the final Pyramid where Nu Wa sleeps.
File:Tablet 6 H2.png

Note: This same message also appears at Inferno Cavern C-1, just without the Image.

B-3 - If thou cannot go left, go right.
C-3 - Spriggan, the giant statue. Show hostility and he will awaken. Fight him more and he will return to sleep.

Clue to: how to reach the upper part of the Inferno Cavern.

C-4 - The flywheel produces life. Everything was born from it, flourished, and set out on a journey.
D-4 - The large cross deep within the earth. The cross to with which to summon Palenque.
File:Tablet 6 D4.png

Clue to: how to unlock the Ankh in the Chamber of Extinction.

E-4 - There are two murals. Use the golden key on the smaller. Summon it from the cross deep within the earth.
File:Tablet 6 E4.png
F-5 Grail tablet - This is the Chamber of Extinction. The remains of a terrible battle.
F-5 broken tablet - The final jewel is Endless red light in the key

Note: This tablet has missing parts. Need to find match.

H-5 - Attain the Dragon Bone. It will lead you to the core of this land.
I-5 - A joyful soul is milky hued, an eloquent soul is black, an honest soul is purple, a happy soul is green, a pure soul is white, a passionate soul is red, and a kind soul is blue. Souls have colors.

Clue to: how to get the Mace.

Chamber of BirthEdit

D-1 - The guardians of Hell, Gozu and Mezu, are strong. Beyond them, Nu Wa sleeps.
File:Tablet 6x D1.png
E-2 - Keep striking the white wall. The darkness will eventually dissipate.

Clue to: bringing light to the chamber of extinction.

F-2 - The golden shine reflects the narrow extending light.

Clue to: The silver or Angel sheild can reflect the laser beam in G-2 Chamber of Birth so you can get the Container.

G-2 Grail tablet - This is the Chamber of Life. The place where all life was born.
G-2 - Ye cannot get there thyself.

Clue to: getting the perfume.

A-3 - The Tree of Life is the source of all life. The mud dolls become people.
B-3 - As they become people, this land prospers. Gathering power, they leave this place on a journey. And they continue to prosper, aiming for the skies in other lands.
G-3 - The mural where Palenque sleeps is beyond here.
H-3 - Prepare to die. He who runs cannot win over the woman. Overcome the danger with thy courage and wisdom.
File:Tablet 6x H3.png
B-4 - This is the land where life was born. When life is praised, the large earthen doll will be born, the earthen doll that holds the golden key.
C-4 - The woman raises life. To get the woman the man risks his life. The woman lies beyond many corpses.
File:Tablet 6x C4.png
H-4 - Drive in the wedges. Awaken the Mother. The Shrine of the Mother will then show its true form.
C-5 - The four Sages silently wait for the time when the strong one arrives.
E-5 - All were born from the Tree of Life here, starting with mud lumps. Even thy race, who has forgotten the Wish.
File:Tablet 6x E5.png
F-5 - Palenque sleeps within a wall. Take the golden key and challenge him.
E-6 Behind upper left pot - Charity, Kindness, Charity, Charity, Kindness, Charity, Kindness, Kindness, the endless sound of the waves.

Clue to: how to beat a form of mother.

F-6 - The Crystal Skull suppresses Tiamat's power and summons forth the dimension in which she dwells.

Clue to: how to open the dimensional corridor.

G-6 - Dance here. Praise life.

Clue to: Preform Dance of Life in front of this Tablet.

Maze of GaliousEdit


Twin LabyrinthsEdit

B-1 - nt and the back in the front in the .

Note: This tablet has missing parts. Need to find match.

C-1 - Think in the room behind the Guardian's chamber.

Clue to: Stand still in Twin Labyrinths G-3.

D-1 - The twins' gates respond to the twins' souls.
File:Tablet 7 D1.png

Clue to: how to make the portals in the Twin Labyrinths useable.

E-1 Grail tablet (front) - This is the Twin Labyrinths. A place where twin souls reside.
E-1 - The word of the black Onyx is "Eloquence." The word of the purple Amethyst is "Honesty." Gems have words attributed to them. Gather these words from the spider's web that connects the whole world.

Clue to: how to get the Mace.

F-1 Grail tablet (back) - This is the Twin Labyrinths. A place where twin souls reside.
I-1 - This was once a prosperous place. Many secret treasures are hidden within.
A-2 - Release the twins.
C-2 - Bright light rrupts love of all mersed brillian

Note: This tablet has missing parts. Need to find match.

D-2 - Cast a spell on the spirits that have the elixir. The Elixir gives shape to souls.

Clue to: how to get the Medicine of Life.

G-2 - The priests lived in the ruins and guarded them. As they started to die, four of them turned themselves into stone, gained eternal life, and became Sages.
H-2 - Interfere in the love of the ancient beasts, the two close beasts that face each other. And go to the top of the terrible mountains.

- Clue to: a riddle in the Twin Labyrinth.

I-2 - Go to sleep inside the woman.
File:Tablet 7 I2.png

- Clue to: how to get the Ocarina.

A-3 - The front of beyond the skull.

Note: This tablet has missing parts. Need to find match.

G-3 - Zu of the white face opens the the hall of meditation. Peryton of the blue shadow seals off the Ankh.
File:Tablet 7 G3.png
C-4 - The Dance of Life.
File:Tablet 7 C4.png
D-4 - is and not here.

Note: this tablet has missing parts. Need to find match.

G-4 - The power to stop time. Time flows only for thee. That which that travels too fast to be seen will also become visible.

Clue to: make the invisible enemies in Nu Wa's lair appear.

H-4 - It has the same form as what is already possessed. Yet it has another meaning. It is the brothers' password.
J-4 - Tiamat used her power to escape from the front of the world.
File:Tablet 7 J4.png

Clue to: Tiamat's location.

B-5 - The King of Hell, Beelzebub. He guards the eight souls in front of the Mother.
E-5 - The witches assemble, and Baphomet is summoned.

Endless CorridorEdit

A-1 - This is the Endless Corridor. A path that goes on forever.
D-1 - Summon the Dragon from the earth. Follow the correct path and let the Dragon judge thee.
File:Tablet 8 D1.png
B-2 - Walk the End Year of the Aztecs' Fifth Age.
B-3 - Ye who runs needlessly. Thou art a fool. Thou art a fool. Thou art a fool. Thou art a fool.
D-3 - To get through, wilt thou exhaust thy strength or thy wisdom? The path is left up to thee. Place a Weight down below.
D-4 - Prove thy wisdom. Just prove thy wisdom.
C-5 - Shut the eye waiting beyond. Shut the eye born from here. Beyond that lies everything.
File:Tablet 8 C5.png

Dimensional CorridorEdit

D-5 Grail tablet - This is the Dimensional Corridor. An isolated place, created by Tiamat.
D-5 - Make praise, the bright sun shines into day, the dark moon will then vanish, push from the celestial wall forever.
E-6 left tablet -
File:Tablet 8x E6 a.png
E-6 right tablet -
File:Tablet 8x E6 b.png
B-7 - Light the three fires. The fire will be decided by the number of lives of the eleventh children.

Shrine of the MotherEdit

C-1 - Only the chosen one may go onward.
D-1 - Endlessness and dimensions. With her great power, Tiamat bent the laws of both.
B-2 - The Sages will only show the path to the chosen one. At its end lies a great soul.
A-3 - Examine thy weapons. The key of awakening lies among them.
File:Tablet 9 A3.png

Clue to: How to summon the Mother.

D-3 - A land guarded by 8 souls.
F-3 - Push the wall on a moonlit night.
B-4 - The Mother's power is the power of life. When the soul shatters it shows itself. This is life's treasure.
File:Tablet 9 B4.png
C-4 - Through a ceremony passed down through the ages, the four Sages attained undying bodies.
E-4 - We were born of this earth. We were the seventh to be born. And we forgot our Mother...
C-5 Grail tablet - This is the Shrine of the Mother. The place where the Mother rests.
E-6 - Proceed from the correct path.

True Shrine of the MotherEdit


Guidance GateEdit

C-1 - These ruins are full of traps. I no longer have the energy to escape...
D-2 - I can't read these letters... If only I had bought a Glyph Reader...
F-2 Right side - They say that the courageous can get a weapon...But if I jump into those spikes I'm finished!
G-2 Only accessible from C-3 stairs up - I was careless. Every place that looks like it has something good always has a trap...
A-3 Lower skeleton - Why...No matter how many times I try, the treasure won't open.
D-3 Right side of pedestal on platform - I got caught in such a simple tra...

Clue to: not putting a weight on the nearby pedestal.

D-3 Left side of bottom area - "There is a path where the Angels face each other." I found an invisible floor! But in my excitement, I fell off...
B-4 Right side below Grail chest -
Apparently there are shops in these ruins. I'm about to die so it doesn't matter to me though.
E-4 - This is the shortcut I found! These ruins seem to be interconnected in mysterious ways...
B-5 Left side -
"Twin Guards"
"Silent and alone"
"Deliver a stone on high"
What does it mean by guards?
C-5 Leftmost one - If not for the monsters, these would be nice and quiet ruins...
C-5 Third from right - How many times have I fallen in here... I guess this is a trap too.
B-6 - "Steal the sword, Steal the Shield, Crush the helmet, Crush the armor." Is this some sort of military theory? I don't get it...

Clue to: how to beat the sword/ shield/ helmet/ armor riddle to the left.

Confusion GateEdit

Mausoleum of the GiantsEdit

B-1 Middle Right side remains - So these ruins are those from a race of giants... I was just about to decipher their legend too...
A-2 - The ghosts are scary.
D-2 - Lower remains - "There is power by the feet of Fut." Which one is Fut......?
E-6 - It looks like you can only assemble two of the symbols. To do the third you have to leave the room first. Proof? I'm your proof-I used up all my energy trying to assemble the third-now look at me!

Graveyard of the GiantsEdit

Temple of the SunEdit

B-1 - I can't get out... Where's the switch...
B-2 - I can't climb out...
C-2 - I can't climb the slopes. If only I was faster...

Temple of MoonlightEdit

Spring in the SkyEdit

A-4 - So these are the waterworks Migera made...but they don't seem to be working now.
B-6 Top Right remains - If I tried to go under the waterfalls I'd just get swept away. If I had some sort of helmet I might be able to get by them...

Tower of the GoddessEdit

Inferno CavernEdit

E-1 - My computer went haywire with the heat.
E-2 - Strange, these ruins are strange. This shouldn't be a dead end...

Tower of RuinEdit

Chamber of ExtinctionEdit

Chamber of BirthEdit

Endless CorridorEdit

C-1 - No matter how far I go, I end up in the same room... This must what be what they mean by "Endless Corridor."

Dimensional CorridorEdit

Shrine of the MotherEdit

C-3 Shorn’s MSX: Is this my son reading this? I hope so. I've made it this far, but was not chosen by the sages. I could not wake the Mother. Please do what I could not. The source of all life is here. Oh yes, please hit the "off" button now.

True Shrine of the MotherEdit

Dialogue (Doors)Edit



Skeleton: Have you found all the ROMS? Something good will happen if you do. Oh. Come to think of it, I've got one of them right here. I already finished it, so you can have it. Besides, I'm dead. Here you go. Take good care of it.


Man: The Algol with the blue body and the many eyes. Legend has it he is weak to the Serpent Staff.

Guidance GateEdit


Eight souls rest in this land. The souls are those of the Guardians that protect these lands. When the Ankhs holding the souls shatter from a shining red light, the souls will awaken. The Ankh in this land is beyond the path of Angels, and the Jewel is at the foot of a long wall.

Describes: Ankh Jewels & how to call the Bosses

Confusion GateEdit


Skeleton: Eh? Who are you? Good timing though! Can I ask you a favor? If you don't want to do it, then get out. Right. So you see, this mischievous pixie hid my precious treasure. Before she disappeared she left this pepper behind and sang this ridiculous song: "Six Angels whisper that the inviting guardian swallowed the treasure. How will you get it back? What will happen if you do?" If you get back the treasure I'll give you 500 coins......achoo!! Looks like the pepper got in my nose. Here, take it. Go and find my treasure!

Get: Pepper

Skeleton (with Pepper item): Hurry and find it!
Skeleton (with Treasure item): What is this!? It's all wet with drool! You got my precious treasure all covered in slobber! This junk is all you get. Now get out of my sight!

Get: Anchor

Skeleton (with Anchor item): Don't ever come back!


Skeleton: Thou wishes to become small? Thou art small already. I shall give thee the Mini Doll. Prove thou art small.

Get: Mini Doll

Mausoleum of the GiantsEdit


Fairy: If one of my friends approaches, just stay still. Otherwise she won't be able to heal you.

Inferno CavernEdit


What is here is not everything. This is the critical location. Take another path and return to this land again.

Clue to: the path to Nu Wa

Chamber of ExtinctionEdit


There is a riddle hidden between two murals. Concealed within the large one, it is summoned by the small. Challenge the riddle with golden key in hand.


The Guardians lurk in the front. Places without them are the rear. This is the law of the ruins. Only the Infinite Corridor is an exception.

Twin LabyrinthsEdit


The Ankh is certainly in the front. Think well where that might be.

Endless CorridorEdit


Fairy: Ah, you're a human. I'm a fairy that lives in these ruins. The four Sages told me to help any humans that came here, so I've been waiting here. My friends and I will help you out. Let's decide on some sort of symbol so that my friends will recognize you. Eh? That's an interesting thing you've got there. It's called a ROM, is it? I'll tell everyone that's our symbol. Come back here when you have a suitable ROM for us.
Fairy: Hurry and bring a good symbol. We'd like a cute ROM appropriate for us!
Fairy: Oh! That's cute! Let's use that Diviner Sensation ROM as a symbol. Equip that when you need our help. Me and my friends will be waiting for you in the ruins.


The Sages’ StoriesEdit


Welcome, chosen one. I am Alsedarna, one of the four Sages-the Sage of Death. I shall tell thee the secret of the ruins. We went into a long sleep to grant the Mother's wish. The Mother came to the Earth from the skies. We do not know where she came from. But she wanted to return. Having lost the power to move, the Mother breathed life into earthen dolls--us humans. We were born to return her to the sky, and were given wisdom herein these ruins. Then we were sent out into the wider world, to look for a way to return the Mother to the skies. Yes...these ruins themselves are the Mother. Alas, returning the Mother to the skies is not possible. If we cannot grant her wish, then all we can do is grant her an eternal rest. Chosen one, please release the Mother from her suffering... That is our wish…


Welcome, chosen one. I am Samaranta, one of the Four Sages-the Sage of Power. The soul of the Mother sleeps in the Shrine of the Mother. There lies the final Ankh. The final red light will bring forth its true form. Ye who hast conquered these ruins. Only thy power can grant the Mother rest. We four Sages sealed off four paths. Mine is now open. For the others, find Fobous and Giltorriyo. Now go, chosen one...


Welcome, chosen one. I am Giltorriyo, one of the four Sages-the Sage of Knowledge. These ruins are the Mother's body. She cannot be defeated. Thou must defeat her soul. Summon the soul of the Mother and give it a form in this world. The method to do so is already prepared. As the 7th children, we have devised a secret art for this... And now we shall tell it to thee. Drive 8 wedges into the Mother's body. Find the Wedge and the Magatama Jewel, and chant the Mantras. The Mantras have been inscribed on Tablets. Drive the wedges through the rear. Please, chosen one. Grant our wish and release our Mother...


Welcome, chosen one. I am Fobous, one of the Four Sages-the Sage of Life. The Mother's power is the power to create life. In ages past, others attempted to create life as well. Tiamat, Nu Wa......neither could compare to the Mother. With the Medicine of Life, one can attain the power of the Mother. The pure-hearted mischievous fairy has been entrusted with this medicine. Seek her out. When thou findest her, cast BIRTH, the spell of life, upon her. Cast DEATH, the spell of death, on the false fairies that would lead thee astray. If thou attainest the wrong medicine, return here. Without the correct medicine, thou cannot attain the power of the Mother......
I shall give thee the Medicine once more. Determine which spirit is the pure one. I cannot help you any further...... Please let me sleep in peace......


Chant the correct Mantras, and seal off Tiamat, Baphomet, Palenque, Viy, Bahamut, Ellmac, Sakit, and Amphisbaena.
The first Mantra is in a corridor. The entrance to the corridor that continues forever.
The second Mantra is by the feet of the twins. The place where their feet connect.
The third Mantra is a green beast. By the side of the guardian of Hell.
The fourth Mantra is by a serpent. The path connecting to the pyramid Nu Wa guards.
The fifth Mantra is below the goddess. By the feet of the goddess who gazes at the crumbling tower.
The seventh Mantra is by many spikes. Spikes that protrude from seven floors.
The final Mantra is eight stars.
Chant the name. The one who Tiamat loved and hated. The source of the pain who gave birth to the 11 monsters. MARDUK.
Chant the name. That of the witches' banquet for Baphomet. The name of the place where summoned demons return. SABBAT.
Chant the name. That of the Nameless One. The name of the Nameless One who travels to the sky. MU.
Chant the name. That of the ugly demon that lives deep within the earth. The name of the one with the drooping eyelid. VIY.
Chant the name. The name of the distant rough ocean. The dark waves under which Bahamut lives. BAHRUN.
Chant the name. That of the eye that watches the truth. The name of the one who watches over and gives blessings to all. UDJAT.
Chant the name. That of the one who records the sorrow of the Giants. He who weeps over the death of his people. ABT.
Chant the name. That of the beginning of everything. And give her an eternal rest as the final child. LAMULANA.

Mukimuki MemorialEdit

Scene 1Edit

Taihei: Phew, the graduation ceremony is over. The principal sure is long-winded!
Taihei: My heart's not aflutter yet. Can't go home yet!
Taihei: "Beware of the boy who asks many people out, only to stand them up!"......Wonder who that is?
What's with the really old date you ask? That's when we thought up this mini-game. Guess we left it be for too long.
Taihei: There's an attendance record here. Not that it matters, but these are weird names!
Today's Lunch Menu: Curry
Taihei: Eh? There's a letter in my desk. Who sent it? Hmm, what's this? "I'll be waiting under the legendary tree." It's from...... Hmm, no name? Well, I'd better hurry up and go.

Scene 2Edit

Taihei: Sh-Shiori......
Shiori: Sorry to call you out here. There's something I want to tell you......
Taihei: What is it?
Shiori: I've never gone out with a boy before...... But it's not like I had no interest. I've always wanted to go out with a boy, and several even sent me love letters. But I just couldn't go out with any of them.
Taihei: Wh-Why not?
Shiori: Because...... You were always there...... I always thought of you as just an old friend...... Maybe I just convinced myself I thought that, because I didn't want to admit my true feelings... But now that we're going to graduate...... Now that we may have to go our separate ways...... I understand what I truly feel...... It's embarassing and I feel like running, but I don't want to be just friends any more. I want you to look at me as a woman, so I'll be brave.
Taihei: .........
Shiori: My teeth hurt.
Taihei: What's with your cheek?
Shiori: I've had a toothache since this morning.
Taihei: Something's on the ground. This is.........fake skin!
Shiori: You looked, JUNKER!
Taihei: You showed me yourself! Who are you!?
Shiori: Shut up! All you ever think about is women! So predictable, coming here just from a letter! Legendary tree my ass! I'll burn it down! Why confess love after graduation anyway!? It's not like there are no boys in college!! Dream on, boy! Dating all those girl at once! Don't think just a phone call can appease women!
Taihei: But that's how the game system works......
Shiori: Real women don't operate by game systems! Come on, slap my face, I dare you! Or else die!!
Taihei: Damn, looks like I gotta fight! Come on, Metal!
Taihei: My heart ain't aflutter at all!
Shiori: Aflutter, hell! I'll tear it out!

Scene 3Edit

Taihei: I beat her......
Taihei: Well......more or less.
Nijino: Sorry to call you out here.
Taihei: Eh? Nijino, you were the one who called me?
Nijino: You looked, JUNKER!
Taihei: Oh, to hell with this.

Hell Temple SagaEdit


Duracuets: Well done finding me! My name is Duracuets. I failed to become a Sage. I made treasure. But nobody cared so I was not made a Sage. It is a forbidden treasure that may not be looked at or used. If thou desires, come see me. I should not exist. I hide so that no one can find me. I wait beyond the gate that cannot be entered. First wait before the statue that connects not with any riddle until nightfall. Ask the words of the one who will come. Come to the gate at night so that nobody will see thee.
Elder Xelpud: Who's out here in the middle of the night!? What? Words? What the heck are you talking about!? ...Oh, now that you mention it, I think I've heard something about that before. "Meet the fairy beyond the corpse that watches the birth." That's all I know. Now go home. I have to sleep for 12 hours a day or else it's bad for my skin!
Fairy: Good evening. Duracuets told me about you. Bring my friend to the store that cannot be entered. That's it! I know more but that's it! Ha ha ha!
Duracuets: It's me again. Solve my riddle! Traverse the Fields without using gates, and a new path will open to thee. Hurry up. I know you want to see that treasure!
Duracuets: Hi, it's me. Jump into a huge coffin. That's it! Hurry, come on! Ha ha!
Duracuets: Well done, making it this far! The gate behind which I am has been opened, in an area that cannot be entered. A treasure that should not be looked at. A treasure that should not even exist. Thou hast made it this far, and thus thou shouldst see it. Go to the gate. Though you can't see it. It was me.
Duracuets: Hello? It's me, me. Haven't made it yet? I'm really lonely! I'll open the way.
Duracuets: Thou hast done well to make it this far. I shall show thee the treasure I made. However, this treasure must not be seen. It should not exist. Thou may regret seeing it. Should thou be prepared for that, come to me.


Welcome to Hell Temple. This place is one that none should come to. If thou will have no regrets regardless of what happens, proceed. This is Hell Temple. Hell Temple is Hell!
Congratulations on solving the puzzle. I shalt lay the bridge leading onwards.
Sleep within three lands.
Ye who solved the riddle. The way ahead is open.
120000 here. I wait in the final room.
I am here.
The one that must not be seen. The one that regrets seeing. Leave before thou becomes such. Before thy time comes to naught.


I, have a store.
Those are flares.
Those are bombs.
I, am out of stock.
I, don't sell to those without money.
I, am happy!
I, am downcast!!

Messages from the DevelopersEdit


This is Naramura.
This took...3 years.
It practically became my life's work!
Even though I was in charge of the project it got so big that I couldn't remember all of the secrets.
Well, want to hear an interesting story? If you pause the game the professor eats curry.
When I thought this up, Kane Kosugi's "curry is my special power-up" commercial came on TV.
After we decided the professor would be a descendant of ninjas, we spent hours arguing over what to name him.
We're pretty lame.
Here's another good story. The other two apparently really hate Contra and F1 Spirit. I don't mind them.
One last story. Our friend Fishman makes several cameos in the game.
Duplex was humiliated by Fishman before and the cameos are a "love beyond revenge" sort of thing apparently.
That he's got the Castlevania ROM is kind of a dig at him.
All right now, get back to playing!


Hi, this is duplex. Having trouble in the ruins?
Actually, initially there were a lot of tougher monsters in the game.
Since the secrets were already hard, Naramura and Samieru scolded me for that so I made the monsters weaker.
So if you think that the monsters in this game are tough, you should thank them.
So I'm going to put all those hard enemies I devised patterns for in another Castlevania style game.
Sorry, I'm kidding.


Oh, you found me!
This is Samieru.
This time we really were reckless. We overdid everything.
It's like a miracle that we ever finished!
All right now, who's the wise guy who said it would be a good idea to have different music for each boss!?
Eh? It was me? Oh.
At the time I'm writing this the game isn't finished, but looking at it overall it's really daunting.
It's just gigantic, on several levels.
This is the soul of GR3! Even though every game you can say the same thing.
Accept our soul!!!!


THERE ARE TABLETS THAT HAVE BLANK SPOTS ON THEM! You can move the data to the appropriate section BUT BE SURE YOU GET IT ALL AND RETAIN THE SPACES! Sometimes the data causes funny effects with wiki formating. DO NOT TRY TO FIX! Just move it to the appropriate section!

Nu Wa, the false Mother born of human hands. Strike the immobile root of her body.

Unknown ImagesEdit

These images are found in the graphic files, but the tablet that corresponds to them has not been found. If you find a tablet with one of these images, give it a proper filename (Tablet_Field#_RoomCoord) and reupload it.

File:Tablet Unknown 1.png

File:Tablet Unknown 2.png

File:Tablet Unknown 4.png

File:Tablet Unknown 5.png