This is the Tower of the Goddess. A place to grant the wish of the Mother.
--Grail tablet for the Tower of the Goddess

The Tower of the Goddess (女神の塔, Megami-no Tō) is a field within the ruins. Unlike the other areas of the ruins, it is not directly connected to its frontside equivalent (in this case, the Spring of the Sky).


The Tower of the Goddess is a very tall area, consisting of three main towers.

To enter the Tower of the Goddess, the player must first defeat Viy, the guardian of the Inferno Cavern. Doing so unlocks a number 5 door on the Surface; enter it to go into the Tower.

When the player enters the Tower for the first time, the area will be completely dark, and will need to stumble around in order to turn on the lights.

Illuminated from lights within the floors, the area has a blue, eerie glow. Pipes, support beams, and computer monitors dot the area, making the place look unusually futuristic in comparison to other parts of the ruins.

The eponymous goddess statues populate the area. Hitting one of these will result in getting hit by lightning; care must be taken when attacking enemies near a statue. However, a particular pedestal, when triggered, eventually causes statues blocking off important exits to the Confusion GateGraveyard of the Giants, Tower of Ruin, and Chamber of Birth to disappear.



  • Location: C-4

Press the switch to drop a soul weight. Place the soul on the proper side of the scale to balance out the scale.

The souls, in order of appearance, are as follows:


  • Joy - 20 kg
  • Eloquence - 44 kg
  • Honesty - 50 kg
  • Prosperity - 63 kg
  • Purity - 70 kg
  • Passion - 81 kg
  • Love - 100 kg
  • Lemeza (not a soul, but the final weight) - 62 kg

(Total weight: 490 kg (245 kg on either side of the scale, or on pattern 3, 195 on each side and 100 left on the platform.)

Place the souls as follows:

Pattern 1:

  • Left side: Eloquence, Honesty, Purity, Passion
  • Right side: Joy, Prosperity, Love, Lemeza

Pattern 2:

  • Left side: Joy, Eloquence,Passion, Love
  • Right side: Honesty, Prosperity, Purity, Lemeza

Pattern 3:

  • Left side: Eloquence, Purity, Passion
  • Right side: Joy, Honesty, Prosperity, Lemeza (Leave the last "Love" on the platform)

If done correctly, both sides will balance out perfectly. The barrier containing the Mace will vanish.

If YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, reload your save and try again. If you haven't defeated Palenque and Baphomet yet, another chance will be given when you defeat them.


Location: C-8 Attack the wall to the left of the ladder near the top of the screen and place a Weight upon the pedestal that appears there.

 Plane ModelEdit

Location: D-2 Defeat the two Vimana to open the chest. Note that the chest will not appear until a weight is placed on the pedestal at A-2.

Collecting the model will remove the statues blocking the various exits in this map.

 Eye of TruthEdit

Location: A-5 Place a Weight upon the pedestal at A-2 to make it possible to reach and place a Weight upon a second pedestal at A-4. The Eye of Truth will then reveal invisible enemies.

 Hidden Things, Puzzles & TrapsEdit

Hidden Thing: Unreleased ROMLocation: Tower of the Goddess C-1
Summon a Key Fairy from D-1 and escort it to C-1 in order to make a pedestal appear. Place a weight upon it to open an entrance to a special area. Once there, move one screen to the right and examine at the base of the tree.

Hidden Thing: Pippols ROMLocation: Tower of the Goddess A-4
Use the Lamp of Time to freeze the falling block in midair and climb up to examine the ground below it before it lands.

Hidden Thing: Gradius ROM
Location: Tower of the Goddess D-5
Enter and exit D-5 from each possible route on the left-side of the screen.

Hidden Thing: A1 Spirit ROMLocation: Tower of the Goddess B-7
Shoot the block at the lower-left corner of the screen six times with the Pistol to reveal this cartridge. Alternatively, if you have not made the goddess statue on this screen vanish yet, stand near the center of the arm for just a second or two. If you stand in just the right spot, the arm will lower, acting as a switch to make the block disappear.

Puzzle: Water Tower
Location: Tower of the Goddess C-7, Mausoleum of the Giants D-5
Read the tablet at C-7; it will crumble down. Go to the Mausoleum and break the pot the statue points at on D-5. Destroy the button. The left tower will be flooded with water, allowing you to climb it.

Sage: B-5
Step left of the pouring water. That'll break the top-right wall to speak with the sage. This unlocks a path within Shrine of the Mother from D-3 to C-3.