The True Shrine of the Mother is the final area in the game; after defeating all eight Guardians, the True Shrine replaces the Shrine of the Mother. Here, the player makes his or her way to the center to put to rest the final boss of the game, Mother.

This area is essentially the Shrine, but with a purple, psychedelic-looking background and ray-like matter jutting out of the center of the shrine. Its introduction into the shrine has caused damage to many parts to it; many structures within the shrine have been damaged, either opening or blocking off new areas, once-moving platforms can be found stuck on the rays, some spikes have become crooked and harmless.

  • Area number: 9
    • However, this area cannot be warped to, as the grail tablet for this area is gone.
  • Background music: "Awaking"
  • Enter from / Exit to: Endless Corridor
    • Although this area can also be entered into from the Twin Labyrinths and the Chamber of Extinction, the entrances via the Twin Labyrinths and the second level of the Endless Corridor simply lead to now-useless side rooms, and the entrance via the Extinction Chamber is blocked off by a ray.
  • Boss: Mother
  • Sub-Boss: Beelzebub

Hidden Things, Puzzles & TrapsEdit

Hidden Thing: Snatcher ROM
Location: True Shrine of the Mother D-4
Examine below and to the right of the sole statue on screen.

Hidden Thing: SD Snatcher ROM
Location: True Shrine of the Mother B-6
Examine within the small alcove at the center-right of the screen, immediately left of the ladder.

Puzzle: Get the Death Seal
Location: True Shrine of the Mother A-3
Double jump through the tentacle on the left side to reach the Death Seal. This only appears if you have not gotten it before the transformation.

Puzzle: Get the La Mulana Treasure
Defeat Mother.