This is the Twin Labyrinths. A place where twin souls reside.
--Grail tablets for the Twin Labyrinths

The Twin Labyrinths (双連迷宮, Sōren Meikyū / also literally Labyrinth of Bisociation) is a field within the ruins. The area is actually two areas; each area is a mirror of the other. The left half of the labyrinths is the frontside area (teleported to normally), and the right half is the backside area (teleported to with the help of Antarctic Adventure and Comic Bakery).

Initially, the player can only explore a small portion of the labyrinths; a little more can be explored by obtaining the Twin Statue from the Endless Corridor. To explore the labyrinths in its entirety, the player must enter from the Temple of the Sun into a gas-filled section and activate two pedestals within 30 seconds, lest the player faint and respawn just outside the enterance to the labyrinths. Once this puzzle is solved, all of the door-blocking statues, along with the poison gas, will disappear.

 Hidden Things, Puzzles and TrapsEdit

Hidden Thing: Circus Charlie ROM
Location: Twin Labyrinths B-4
Examine the large crack in the background, near to the leftmost ladder.

Hidden Thing: Comic Bakery
Location: Twin Labyrinths B-1
Examine directly below the pedestal.

Hidden Thing: Hyper Sports 2 ROM
Location: Twin Labyrinths H-4
This cartridge rests directly in front of the Twins Gate.

Hidden Thing: Konami Ping-Pong ROM
Location: Twin Labyrinths G-5
Examine the deteriorating monument near the top of the screen.

Hidden Thing: Penguin Adventure ROM
Location: Twin Labyrinths C-5
At the ceiling corner near the center of the screen, destroy the blocks first with Flares to reveal a small passage, then use Bombs to further widen the alcove. Examine within to locate the cartridge.

Hidden thing: Ganbare Goemon ROM
Location: Twin Labyrinths I-1
Jump onto Triton's belt and examine his stomach-area.

Hidden Thing: Usas ROM
Location: Twin Labyrinths H-3
Near the center of the screen, jump upwards to enter a hidden passageway within the ceiling. Examine at the far end of the passage.

Hidden Thing: Pennant Race ROM
Location: Twin Labyrinths J-3
Examine the crumbling monument.

Hidden Thing: Game Collection 4 ROM
Location: Twin Labyrinths C-2
Examine the large crack at the base of the single pillar in the background.

Puzzle: Get the Map Climb the ladder down from D-1 to D-2 and from the base of the ladder attack the right wall until it breaks.

Puzzle: Get the Life Jewel Jump into the hidden passageway within the ceiling at C-3 and place a Weight upon the hidden pedestal at the end of the tunnel to unlock the chest with the Life Jewel.

Puzzle: Get the Ankh Jewel
Step 1) Destroy all of the red enemies at D-2 to make a new enemy appear at G-2.
Step 2) Destroy all of the enemies at G-2 to make another new enemy appear at D-2.
Step 3) Return to D-2 and destroy all of the enemies again. After doing so, break the pot hovering near the center of the screen to make the jewel appear at G-2.
Step X) If the jewel isn't there, you have to fall into the "trap" involving the fake Ankh Jewel at J-2. You may have to do this again if you save and load after breaking the pot in Step 3.

Puzzle: Get the Katana
Depress the lower switches at B-2 and I-2 to unlock the sealed container holding the Katana.

Puzzle: Get the Ring
Depress the upper switch at B-2.

Puzzle: Reveal additional floating platform
Shoot off a flare between the two background- dinosaurs at C-2 to reveal a floating platform moving from I-4 to I-5.

Sub boss: B-3 Roc
Will fly about the room. When it lands, it drops a barely visible humanoid. Kill to open access to D-3 from C-3.

Sub boss: I-3 Roc
WIll fly about the room in a pattern. As it does so, the background will be white, making it hard to see. However, you can still access I-2 during the fight.

Trap: Fake Ankh Jewel
The Ankh Jewel lying in plain sight at J-2 will break into lots of Bats when Lemeza tries to pick it up.

Trap: Spike trap
C-1 has a set of spikes next to the ladder.


Location: Twin Labyrinths A-4
Enter the room near the top of the screen.

90 Coins - Helmet
120 Coins - Bombs
150 Coins - Fake Scanner

Location: Twin Labyrinths D-4
Use Bombs to destroy the large block at the upper-left. Push the smaller block that it hid to the right in order to create a ledge to jump from.

200 Coins - Lamp of Time
20 Coins - Shuriken
30 Coins - Throwing Knives

Location: Twin Labyrinths G-4
Leap from the moving platform up to the room in the corner.

350 Coins - Scripture
120 Coins - Bombs
40 Coins - Spears

Location: Twin Labyrinths J-4
Purchase the Fake Scanner from the Shop at A-4 to reveal this second shop.

200 Coins - Dragon Bone
40 Coins - Spears
70 Coins - Flares