Viy's Wedge

Viy, the giant one-eyed demon, is the Guardian of the Inferno Cavern. He is a giant so large during the fight you only fight his eye and eyelashes.
  • Guardian Number: 05
  • Location: Inferno Cavern D-6
  • Background Music: "In the Bottom"

Fighting ViyEdit


  • Viy's eyelashes fire small projectiles at the player.
  • If you stand on Viy you will be knocked high into the air, dealing a large amount of damage.
  • Two demons will lift Viy's eyelid and he will fire a large lazer straight-up, this will destroy anything that enters, including Sub-Weapons.
  • Two demons will lift Viy's eyelid and he will shoot his eye upwards and fire lots of bullets randomly into the air, these will rain down on to the player.


  • The eyelashes, these do not damage the boss but only stop the eyelashes from shooting projectiles for a brief period of time.
  • The eye, but only when open.


  • Stand on the high up platforms and use Spears to stop the eyelashes. When Viy opens his eye fire Throwing Knifes down at him. If he does the third attack listed above then use Shurikens. Repeat this until he dies. This is known to be the most effective, and safest, way of killing Viy.